July strongly recommends

I always enjoy getting tips on where to go, what to see and what to do or listen to. The ability to take advice and broaden our own horizons is so important. Some activities, sounds and sights fit better at certain times than other. So seeing it is in the middle of summer and we all long for the woozy afternoon hours, when the sunlight is visible as golden insects spurring in and out of sight. The sound of whispering leaves in the wind, and the relaxed heartbeat as stress and hopelessness drizzles off our souls. The flavour of licking the burnt sugar off a stick, the sensation of saltwater caressing your ankles. There could be no better time to, in the mood of this lazy, careless warmth - let July share some advice, some sights and sounds - because July really want to recommend

Miike Snow's album "Animal" - for upbeat and lively, contageous tangible happiness. With emphasis on "Cult Logic" and "Silvia".

Phoenix' album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" - for the electronic, tender, energetic French ballads to accompany any vorspiel or any exciting summer reading. Mainly "Fences" and "1901".

The character "Buck" from Ice Age 3 for your monthly injection of madness and randomness. Really. This film is worth seeing if only just for the cute baby noises and the extremely weird characters and their freaky body language. Hilarious.

Rum, Lime and White Chocolate Mousse. Whip up some extra cream into the recipe, because it is a bit sour if your lime is tangy, and serve it with berries, like those of rasp or straw. You may also freeze a portion, taking it out and stirring the crystals out occasionally to make the most delicious ice cream.

The book "Nanny Oggs Cookbook" by Terry Pratchett - always a good reread, gets better each time. Silly, funny and calming like summer rain hot cocoa with marshmallows.

This here will be the experiences that will paint my summer 2009. The summer I've spent in essence, like the underside of a pier boiled down to fish broth, clouds woven into sheets - a synthetic recreation of summery-summerness. Whenever I feel like revisiting, I can just listen to the right songs.

I like that.


Beregorn said...

You always got some great music up your sleeve, Tora!

You probably wont like this at all, and it doesn't really have anything to do with July, but nevertheless here we go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4r7_a12btc&feature=related

It's around 0:40 the goodness trikes! It brings back the spirit of the 17th of May at least. That's related to a month! So I probably have a valid reason to post this now?! Yeah didn't think so... but it's Starcraft so I couldn't help myself :)

Audun said...

Ah, it warms an old man's heart to hear that you like the gift.

"When you get a birthday present for your girlfriend, why should you also always get her a dildo?

Because if she doesn't like the gift, she can go fuck herself".

Ah, herlige herlige NRK.

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