Here's what happened

I can't seem to concentrate on blogging. It used to be something I really WANTED to do, like I had a need to get my mind down and out! Now I'm really squeeeezing my own brain dry just to jot down something like this.

Fictionally I could write page up and page down here, without a problem. But when it comes to my life there really isn't that much to tell that I don't feel I haven't said before.

Tink and I was out one night, painting it red or whatever you kids say these days. As usual, we couldn't get in at Mono, which is still very ironic, because we used to when we used our fake IDs when we were 15. We didn't even try this time, though. We just looked at the sign saying "22 years" and then left.

Some idiot tried chatting me up at Fridays, he had a Kristiansand accent but for some messed up reason tried to convince me he was from some tiny dump in Trøndelag. He invited me to Kristiansand for the summer, but I said I was afraid of flying. He then invited Tink to come along, and I said she was afraid too. I ignored most of the things he said, but sadly, he was too drunk to understand ice-cold rejection. We met ONE nice guy, ditched Sikamikanico because there was a cover of 100,- and went HOME. We call that a FAIL.

I was at work, then I was at school, it smelled like sweaty nerds and we had an interesting lecture and on Monday one that made me want to kill myself. I was on the bus, then at work, then at school, home, did laundry, then at home again drawing then watched Brüno and my embarrasment-muscle actually broke.

How interesting is that?!

Now, I'd rather hear about your life!


Foss said...

Welcome to adulthood sweetcheeks. This is all we do. We don't want things to be this way, but some weeks turn out boring. We intersperse it with things like paint-balling and booze and being awesome, and that gets us through it.

Also I kidnapped a herring. I will post it to you. It might not really be a herring but I still need your address. Either way, Captain Jorgen deserves a present for dealing with your crazy headbrain for so long! :p xx

Tora said...

Real shame I say!

My address? Sure! What for? Now you got me curious. If it's just a herring, I'll be glad anyway, but I bet you get the ransom for them.


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