The miracle juice

The cure for everything! What will cleanse your skin, keep your organs moist, keep your teeth healthy and refresh your metabolism;

Wonder-J00se! Drink two bottles a day and you will be weeks younger!

Warning: Massive over-consumption can cause your total blood volume to increase, and also overload your kidneys. Drinking too much miracle-juice can also squeeze your brain to a pulp. Always consider your liquid-intake while drinking miracle juice, you will need less if your diet is naturally rich in moisture and contains little salt. Can cause slight addiction. Excessive consumption can lead to a condition known as hyponatraemia, in which levels of sodium in the blood become dangerously diluted leading to complications such as convulsions, coma and even death. Laboratory tested, tested daily on animals. Ingredients: Aqua.

Or what do YOU think?


Tink said...

ooh! den var ny! har de'n på ultra?

Ulrik said...

Google Guaraná juice. De har det i Amazonas. Den ER faktisk miracle juice og kurerer ALT.

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