My Gingerbread cutters

This is my window sill, that jar with stars in are actually some really weird outlandish treats meant to be deep-fried before served. Honestly I didn't try, I put them in a jar. Was I disappointed when it wasn't colourful pasta!
Here are my gingerbread cutters! I guess they are also eligible as cookie cutters or other things cutters. Not for paper though! I've used some of the bigger ones for pancakes, they get really hot, but the pancakes turn out beautiful. To be honest some of these are actually Helge's, but I bought them for him last year because I wanted them myself and needed an excuse. What? At least I'm honest!

The fox, moose, bear, snail and hedgehog are from IKEA, the one shaped like the moomin is from the Iittala Outlet. 

Fish, dinosaurs, foot, jigsaw and crocodile are from Christiania Glasmagasin while the squirrel is also from IKEA.

Keep them in a box so the drawers don't get stuck all the time. (Well, they do - but I tried).
I also bought some gingerbread dough at IKEA. Their recipe is actually really nice and is good to work with so when I'm constructing my annual... uuum... construct... of gingerbread I wont have to do much but roll it, cut it, bake it and glue it together! But I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to gingerbread houses - I try to make sure every part of it is edible so it is glued together with hot sugar. It is deadly stuff. And I always end up burning others as well when I ask them for help. You should've seen the hand of my younger brother!

But all of that later. I do hope I get to do a gingerbread construct this year! Any suggestions as to what I should make? Are you making one this year? Any tips and tricks?


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