Cleo, the best dog in the universe

I don't know how to say this.

Cleo's liver is failing, and she doesn't eat much. She weighs less than 28 kilos now.

She is on a liver-improving diet and she's getting some pills, but she wont eat much, and she wont consistently take the pills. Whenever she gets up, Ulla gets all excited and starts licking Cleo's face as much as she can. Cleo doesn't even have the enthusiasm to tell her to piss off.

I am getting pretty certain that this is the end for her, and I wish it wouldn't be so slow and humiliating. Starving herself to death. She really was meant to eat herself to death. Salmon and waffles and all the love she could handle.

I try to tell myself that she is only a dog, but she is so much more. She is family and such a great friend, and I know she's had a good life, and I know it can't last forever. But I wish it could.

I will keep you all posted!


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Smylexx said...

It's often understated -the bond between someone and their pet. When one dies, people will offer some comforting words but then move on quickly and expect you to do the same.

However, pets are more than just an additional furry or feathered face to feed, a thing to walk and clean up after; they're a member of the family. When one shuffles off to the great kennel in the sky we grieve and rightly so.

I'm very sorry to hear that Cleo isn't well and i sincerely hope she doesn't suffer too long whatever happens. My thoughts are with you.

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