Tummy diet

Ok, so this is very weird, I know. But it is weirding me out, too (MORE than it will you) and I just need to vent it a little bit.

Because I went to the doctor because of my achy stomach, and he took a lot of tests, and will take some more next week - so until then I am on a restrictive diet.

Okay, I get it. A billion people are on a strict diet every day - but I'm not! I've never had to think much about what I eat at all, as long as it's not hairy in places it's not meant to be hairy. Hell I even eat from the ground. But I'll tell you something, it's not at all bad this diet, it is just the principle of having to check ingredients and having to mentally prepare ahead for every meal that freaks me out. The doctor also recommended that I eat small meals, but often, grazing, if you like.

And that's fine, yeah.

Lots of fibre (with every meal)
Red meat
Liver, Kidney
Dark fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel)
White fish (cod, flounder, halibut)
Cooked vegetables

Raw tomato
Uncooked fruit and vegetables
Cooked meat in sandwiches


But I can't have banana!! Or melon! And I JUST bought a lot of golden bananas and a perfectly sweet melon, and some lush tomatoes. Well done.

In other news from a grown person getting totally freaked out because she can't eat bananas - I'm wondering why my neighbour is up at eight in the morning to watch the tellybox. M, there we go, just to have a fairly gay smoke out the window in his wifebeater. I get it.

I can really start to see how living in these apartments awake a primal need for slandering. I'm the worst of them. The pair across the street even got full-covering blinds eventually, I thought I looked quite inconspicuous hiding behind my curtains and scrutinizing their odd Disney-fondling (I don't know how they do it!) or their strangely romantic way of cooking together. I call them the Disney couple. There's not a lot of action going on at my wall-to-wall neighbours, especially since I can't peek through their windows without climbing the façade.

Lot to do lately? Yes, seriously. All the prepping for our Bachelor is going to wring me into a sock. I don't know how, but soon you will meet me on the street and you'll say "Tora, what has happened? You look like a sock" and I'll say -"Yes" and look at my foot, my one big foot protruding from my neck, and add "it sucks".


Anonymous said...

I can eat stuff you can't. Sucks to be you.

Tora said...



Tink said...

but you can still eat carrots! phew!

Anonymous said...

Ever considered it might be IBS? Det kan jo være det! Det suger, magen gjør vondt. Og symptomene varierer veldig. Prøv å spis måltidene til faste tider hver dag. Eller så kan du gjøre som meg, begynne å trene! Det hjalp med en gang. Ingen trening, lite bevegelse, og semi dårlig kosthold er ingen wondermix for magen. Just saying!

Lykke til!


Tora said...

Jo! Jeg har tenkt masse på at det kanskje kan være IBS! Hvertfall siden jeg går lenge dårlig og så helt uten mål og mening blir bedre.

Typisk at en medisinsk grunn ville være sparket jeg trenger for å begynne å trene fast uansett.

Takk skal du ha! :)

Anonymous said...

No worries, bare ikke heng deg opp i det om legen skulle fortelle deg at du har IBS, for så å fortelle deg at det ikke finnes noen kur. Det kastet jeg bort mye tid på i allefall, helt til jeg fant ut at alt som skulle til var å spise litt mer naturlig mat og å trene/bevege seg mer. Irritasjonen over norske leger var stor akkurat da :p

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