My phone!

I never did see the point in having a phone I was afraid to lose because it had cost me a crazy amount of money. It's not because I can't take care of my stuff (at least if I know where to find it!) but sometimes faith is out there to get my stuff. And I ain't got no spider-sense to tell me when, and that means I have to take certain precautions.

This, ladies and gentleladies - is my work of art in progress-- and for my own technology's protection:

Oooh yes! Look it has diamonds on it and teeth and eyes and pearls and duck-chickens and stars and candy and a crazy monkey and a hedgehog and a bear in a parachute. You know what? We should make a TV-show with that cast. Because our special guest-stars -- the fantastic bling dangling from it, consists of two rabbits, an Asian couple, a dog, a chicken, a mushroom, a parrot, a cow and gingerbreadman!

Ginger Bread Man! He could be my superhero! A ginger man made of bread! His kryptonite could be soup! In which case he would bloat up and dissolve like wet bread, because you see, he is made of bread which means when it touches soup - that's what happens. You ever had soup with bread? I'm pretty sure you know how this goes. AAaaanyway I just wanted to show the world my delicious talking-machine. And I will show you again when I've finished the other side!


Tink said...


Smylexx said...


I'd expect nothing less.

Sopfi said...

definitely perfection!!

Tora said...

Thank you, thank you! I hope to finish it one of these days. I just need a nice time slot where it can dry properly!

And it's all peeling off, too! Need to fill in the gaps.

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