I want to listen to music

And now it's recess, that's nice too :)=

I'm tired, I don't like being tired, it sucks. I'm not hungry, it's nice not being hungry.

Did I mention that my other braincell Bobby went to Yemen a couple of nights ago? Well, he sent a card telling me he's glad being somewhere things actually HAPPEN, in comparison with my over evolutioned brain where he claimed it was silent. Lies.

I used to have two braincells, there was Tom and Bobby. Bobby in a wheelchair and Tommy pushing him around. All was well.
Now it's just Tom, and he got a playstation for christmas so I rarely have a lot of brainactivity lately, I don't know what I'm going to do, but there must be something.

I tried unplugging his playstation and emptying milk over it, but somehow, it survived.

Playstation is destroying my ability to think properly, hence all this.
Have a good day still :)


Foss said...

This would be a good chance to test out electro shock therapy. That should make him work again.

hhefis. hef fis onion, i do not wownt it.

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