Waffles and names

I'm eating waffles in bed. It's currently five past one in the morning. mmMmm.. Warm waffles <3

'Hands of Time' and 'Remember' by Groove Armada, is my current favourite songs, replaying in my head like a tape recorder on speed. It's crazy.

There are other very crazy things going on. And someone called me shrek.

I am, in addition to all of this also, not a real person.
Because according to Microsoft Word my name can't be spelt Tora, but it can be spelt like
It's fucking name discrimination.


Foss said...

Dear Tort,

You shouldn't eat just before you go to bed - especially not sugary food - as it makes it extremely difficult to sleep. Your body has to digest what you've eaten, and while it's doing that it likes to stay awake.

Other things that make it hard to sleep:
Music on your stereo
Music in your head
Persuading MS Word to spell your name
Live snakes

Kind regards,

Foss (and Turb)

bless you.

Tora said...

I slept like a baby, needs more than a waffle to keep me awake, perhaps waffling, or making the batter.

And am I wrong or did Jeff just discover the wonders of google?

Jeff said...

i have known about google for years. I it the numeral one followed by one hundred zeros. I just discovered the wonders of fleece lined cycling tights. They are warm and awesome in that order.

Foss said...

Jeff is like a child, but with a huge attention span. If you give him a toy, he'll play with it for days. In this case, that toy is google. Last year he was arrested because someone told him to play with Martha Stewart's hair. Nineteen days it took them to pry him away from her head.

Tora said...

That's very twisted.
We should give Jeff a suit and a hat, and we can use him as a singing telegram! We can make him go places like Oslo or something and sing for the king!

and if he became really good we can buy him and live our lives of royalties after releasing his album(s) yeah?

Jeff said...

I have a suit, but could use a nice hat, I don't like cold places, so schedule all my trips to warm places and I could not carry a tune if my life depended on it, so only have me sing for deaf people. I also mime for the blind on occasion.

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