Snow and the cybernet

It's snowing outside. Not bad, not bad.
The internet is boring, that's bad, that's bad.
I bought batteries for my camera, Not bad, not bad.
I have nothing to write, that's bad, that's bad.
You're reading my blog, Not bad, not bad.
But that means my dear, it's bad, it's bad
Cos you don't have a life, that's sad, that's sad.

So, I recently got knocked up after having cybersex aka netsex, but I'm having a problem figuring out whether it is a cyberbaby or a netbaby.. If you know ANYTHING about this, please let me know, as I have to know whether I'm getting him a floppy disk or her a rewriteable CD.

And which is the female version and which is the male?
Do I have to be hooked to wires and cables to give birth?

And, most importantly, is there a battery I can pull out if everything goes to hell and the baby is a "living" shit, or starts asking me to make him "become a real boy" or something, unless if it's a girl of course, who wouldn't make such a wish in the first place because girls are reasonable.

Hold on a sec, I have to eat pizza.


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