It's the End of the world!

Today, it's Friday the 13th.

Imagine all the danger I could get into! Who knows what kind of mutated bacteria that's climbing on my fingers, away from my keyboard at this very second, evolving from dangerous, to extremely hostile and deadly!

The sky could fall on my head any second!

Third world war could break out!

I could lose my internet connection!

Time to take a deep breath, sit back, relax and:


Foss said...

If the world ends today, your government will have failed in their attempts to create their own Noah's Ark for plants. Personally I think it's a crazy idea anyway. They should freeze-dry the world's most brilliant scientists instead, along with instructions on how to genetically engineer and create all these plants. Then it really will be THE FUTURE!

They could also invent flying cars like the ones we'll be driving in the year 2000. Films told me that would happen. Films wouldn't lie to me.

Tora said...

yes, I want those cars they have in fifth element.

And films would never lie to you Foss, but the future could..

Foss said...

the future lied? then i am sad. deeply depressed, even. damn the future, damn the brocolli, damn you and damn the wright brothers.

Tora said...

Damn me?

sure, that's alright, but what excactly does 'damning' do?

Foss said...

damning turns you into a teapot.

Mab said...

Damning? I thought it had more to do with the building of dams.

My grandfather invented the verb. He'd built a dam in a raging mountain stream during spring, and then the Koreans came and bombed it. He was easily angered, my grandfather, so he raised his fist and cursed the Koreans into 'damnation', then meaning that he wished for them to migrate to a country where there were a lot of dams.

The term has since strayed from it's original meaning.

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