it happened again!

Ohnoes! Again I have found myself hopelessly sunburnt after wading out of the house topless. I don't know why it keeps happening, and I certainly don't know why I keep doing it. It is most likely caused by some sub-dimensional need to self-destruct. Or perhaps an odd attraction to the colour pink, you never know, might be both, might be neither. Perhaps I am an unconcious link in a human-testing unit doing research on levels of lobster-colours and redness of the human skin! Right now that seems likely.
Whatever happens next I'll try to use sunscreen next time, and then I will try not to be such a twat. First things first, but not necessarily in that order.


Foss said...

Please don't get skin cancer. It would make me very sad.

Calu said...

I wish we had weather that could actually get you sunburned! geez, its getting better (jinxed) but its still cloudy at best..

i did manage to get som sun on my arms a few weeks back...

oh, and answer your email :\

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