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"Say yes!" is a signature campaign to allow gay and lesbian people to marry in Norway. I have signed myself, because I certainly think it is the right thing to do.

They have good support from different famous people in Norway, and a high profiled media coverage, I encourage everyone to sign, even if you don't have an opinion. The important thing is that you put a stop to it, and you don't have to be bothered anymore!

If you are not convinced, here is the Norwegian author and comedian Knut Nærum's 7 reasons why to sign:

1. The gays want it
2. And the lesbians
3. There should be one word for everyone who has a boy/girlfriend of the same sex
3. That was not a reason.
3. But this is a reason: Marriage and kids is so nice that most should get to enjoy it.
4. There is no reason to treat people differently. Gays and lesbians are just like everyone else, except the sex. And they have better taste in music, At least the gay.
5. If disco shall remain as a cultural expression, it is necessary that gay people are allowed to adopt.
6. If there's a general (the same for everyone) law for marriage, they will stop whining.
7. It would annoy Bishop Kvarme something awful.

Every Norwegian do your thing! If you're still not convinced; read some of this. Happy hunting!


Calu said...

Think it would be posible for a danish person, on a UK (Northern irish) IP to sign? or is it NO only?

Darkkis said...

l2answeryouremails Tora...

calu, you suck :)

Calu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Calu said...

No i dont.. >.<

And she dose answer her email, she prolly just get more "fanmail" from lowlife losers like us then most celeberties..

i think..


I have to start reading my owne post before publishing.. sorry.. >.<

Darkkis said...

Hmm, you might be onto something my dear friend :D With the lowlife losers...

On the topic I might add that the url is quite funny btw, "sija.no"... "sayyes.no"



Yes, very funny indeed

Calu said...

Yeah, they should prolly have gone for a Com, org or something..

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