To adopt

Upcoming in social studies is a debate about gay-couples being able to adopt children, which is currently illegal in Norway.
And just thinking about it makes my blood boil, and I mean foam and burn, how can people even question whether people that are ready, willing, prepared and excited about adopting a child is allowed to do so?

I know a lesbian couple, one of them has children from a previous marriage, and they are both splendid people, they're competent, smart, funny and are raising to brilliant kids. Of course this does not apply to everyone, few things do apply to everyone - which is exactly why the whole debate is so absurd! So many "straight" couples end up having children at the wrong time, both economically and socially, so many people (this applies to the entire world) abuse and neglect their children daily. Some of the kids out there are lucky if they get to ever move away from home. You could say that a portion of the world's children would be better off without their parents, something which equals to the portion of children which would be so much better off with parents!

To have the ability, will, lust and energy to raise a child is not based on whom you share bed with at night, just the thought of that is far-fetched. Gay people are still human, and still have the heart and brain to be able to raise children. No mental or physical damage which can potentially harm a child will be caused by the sexual orientation of their parents, well, unless they are raving pedofiles - but that is besides the point. Point is, we are partially raised by our parents, and partially raised by the people and area around us, if there is one thing that a child with gay parents will learn which a child with straight parents wont, it would be to accept - something too few people learn these days.
Imagine if you were an orphan, you'd be living together with other orphans which would not - like yourself - be picked up by your parents from school each day. Think about the blessed day when you would have parents! Parents that will love you and care about you, be strict and set limits, teach you things and give you things, protect you and pick you up after school.

Things we take for granted is the highest wish for so many people out there, like the want of a child, and the want of a parent.

Like there are any straight couples out there which have been through sex-partners - become more suitable for bringing up little kiddies than gay people, that is ridiculous. And thinking of the child feeling different and ashamed? Would they not feel worse without parents? Would they not in time learn that they should be glad they have someone to love them there? I am absolutely convinced that we'll all grow up to become at least moderately good people, and it is not fair to tell people in the want for an apple in their eye that they should start to sleep with other people, then come back and we'll talk it over again. I feel so sorry for all of them that are denied of their highest wish, and I feel so sorry for them who are too blind to see that they are making peoples lives very difficult. I can't even imagine the pain.


Audun said...

I agree with most, or even all of it.

There's the issue though, of social stigmatizing because your parents are "gay".

On the other hand, the only way to make it normal, is for it to happen. You have to break some eggs to make an omelette I guess.

Foss said...

^ Curly got there before me.

Imagine having to put up with being called "that kid with the queer Dads". Social attitudes need further change before same-sex parenting becomes widely acceptable.

Of course, once I've taken over the world, the sort of people that would ridicule a child with same-sex parents will be sent to work in the shit mines.

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