Stubborn little child

At the bus the other morning, I was very busy looking out the window, I think it was raining and it was quite cold too. At the next stop a young woman and her daughter got on, they walked to the very end of the bus, at the back - in other words - the seat behind me. The bus started again, and we snailed along the morning traffic, rain all around us.

"I will hold on to you so you wont fall when the busdriver starts the bus" the mother said. But the little girl looked straight at her mother, in a tone she had very likely stolen from her and she said: - "No, it's fine. I am not going to fall. I can sit, and you don't have to hold me, because I am not going to fall". I smiled to myself as the mother took a good hold of the little girl as the bus suddenly took a steep turn, and the girl said so determined - her voice was nearly making decisions by itself- to her mother: "Let go, I can sit without your help!" But the mother didn't let go, instead she cleverly changed the subject to make the girl aware of what stop they were getting off at.

The little girl though, even more clever, while her mother was talking - slipped out of the womans hands and into the seat next to her, holding hard with little pink fingers, around one of those yellow bars they have in there so you wont topple over.

I am happy to see that parents still raise children with integrity and intelligence, I keep getting so worried when reading about how the LEGO pieces keep getting larger, and how much school they are going to punch into the little kids when they are still so young.

You can say all you want about the youth getting overweight, lazy and with a lack of creativity, but I think parts of that is due to how children are not allowed enough to ble children (or are children for too long) in this society. All you really want to do is grow up, because being a kid these days really sucks. You are the target of 60 % of all the advertising out there, you are vulnerable and socially still developing, when you should be digging holes and smearing mud all over your tongue, you are being sent to school and taught all kinds of irrelevant things.

In addition we have parents that are too old to be parents, because they spent too long getting educated and economically stable before they had kids. With no spare energy they place the kids in front of the television set, and fanatically protects them from dogs and strangers. Young humans are raised to fear the unknown, thus encouraging racism and prejudice - this does not apply to all of course, it is just a thought.

and a scary thought too...


mischief said...

I completely agree that school is UTTERLY irrelevant and I'm a teacher.

The amount of crap I have to go through to get to the bits that are either

a) interesting
b) applicable in real life

is a joke, I mean even the concept of school these days is not all that relevant in kids lives.

I've long made a case for using the interweb more tightly in the school curriculum cos frankly the kids of today are easily more interested in the web than in anything else. Why is technology being used so poorly in schools? Maybe it's cos teachers spent too long learning from teachers who had no idea what they were doing.

And lots of teachers are control freaks like that mother too.

grrrr it's enough to make you want to punch the headmaster...

Smylexx said...

I disagree that older parents would be any less capable of educating their child. To be honest i feel that younger parents are only a step behind the generation of right-here-right-now children who are raised on burgers and too much kids tv.

I work in a job which allows me the opportunity of speaking to The General Public. Most of whom are incredibly stupid. Thankfully i seem to have managed to surround myself with intelligent friends.

However, intelligent people to me seem to stand out like a big flashy, shiny beacon! Wether i meet them in real life or in cyber-space, it's almost like a needle in a haystack sorta odds to find someone who can actually;

1. spell

2. has an interest in the world around them

3. can debate

Kids are a priveledge and our future. If we're fortunate enough to have children, we should embrace any opportunity to spend time with them, educate them and, mosre importantly, give them the time and space to actually BE children.

(smy is drunk but will now get off the soap box).

Tora said...

Of course being a parent and how one is able to be a parent is individual, you are very right Smy.

And as much as an older parent may have more experience and knowledge about life and how to live it, than a younger parent may have, my personal opinion is that a younger parent can more easily communicate and relate (not to forget show an interest in) what their child is doing. But as I said, this is different for every individual.

One can't really say that one or the other is more fit for parenting, but physically a human being is not created to give birth to a child at the age now getting more common in Norway, which is generally over the age of 40. That is not old, of course not, but in terms of giving birth, a younger woman will have an easier time dealing with both pregnancy and sleepless nights, the fetus too has less of a chance to be damaged or neglected (which increases dramatically when the mother is over 45).

I am no specialist! I'm just saying it like I have read and interpretated it.

It's not an encouragement to have a child when your young if you can't suppert it economically or with attention, it is rather a bum-steer in the direction of being a responisible parent.


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