Katjakaj og Bentebent

This is a childrens cartoon show, some of you might know it as "Jenniferjohn and Britneybob", and if you do, that is great!

Anyway, I was just thinking of an episode of "Jenniferjohn and Britneybob", when they were fishing in the sofa, and suddenly they could hear a bird. The bird is very scared, because it has the job of showing dead people their way to heaven, but today the bird was to fly to heaven for the last time. There is a man in a rocking chair, and he is rocking back and forth very gently until the chair suddenly stops, and the man is dead.
Jenniferjohn and Britneybob assure the bird that it is going to be okay, and that he has nothing to be afraid of, and the spirit of the dead man floats over ground, and the bird flies ahead to guide him. And together they soar across the sky to heaven.
It was all very childish, and sometimes even a bit silly, but in the end it was so moving that I cried, until there were no tears left to cry.

I haven't thought of these two crazy people for ages, but I was reminded of the episode when listening to "The Man Who Flew Away" by Husky Rescue.

If you want to read more about "Jenniferjohn and Britneybob" check out:

(I wish people would stop copying everything from wikipedia, because every single site I visited had the same thing written there about this show. Pathetic).


Audun said...

Britneybob is perhaps the best name ever, I even had to register the name on the WoW-Dragonmaw server.

Wikipedia is like an encyclopedia that is controlled after printing, and not before, and sometimes not at all I think.

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