Matrix banana

My better half is currently home from work, being seriously ill. He was here this weekend, and it didn't look good, poor thing.
This thing he has, which we assumed was somekind of flu uses about three or four days to incubate before the inflicted can notice any symptoms.
So seeing he came here Saturday, I'll get sick today or tomorrow, which is a very strange feeling.

BUT, I wont give up quite that easy. I wont just walk around in my knickers, stumbling in the snow, waiting to fall over in dramatic seizures of coughing fits and spit blood in to my palms, no sir.

To believe that something is something will make it that something. If I truly believed that apples tasted like ginger, then they would. It's a weak theory, but my body is weak too, though it will not give in to some damn flu, just because nature tells me to.

Now, on Monday I ate about two or three bananas, telling myself as I did that these bananas would keep me healthy. It is sick, yes, but I'm not planning on getting sick, so you have to help me. You must tell me exactly how health-bringing and wonderful bananas are! It need not be much, just mention something about proteins or C-vitamins or fruit-hats or bouncing hop-top-jelly. It doesn't matter! As long as it will continue to convince me that it will "cure" me, then perhaps it will.

Donate a positive health-fact about bananas, keep your viking healthy.
Thankyou, and let's see if this will work.
(IF you can't find nothing about bananas, I also had some litchi......)


Foss said...

Oranges are better, but bananas are very good if you don't eat too many of them and get potassium poisoning.

And I'm sure you're right. I'm sure you can avoid an illness just by being positive, and thinking to yourself "I'm not going to get ill".

Audun said...

seriously ill?!?

I got a bad cough, that's all.


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