“The arses on the trousers aren't very tight. They're very loose and baggy and I like tight trousers. And the shoes - the shoes have got a bit of a heel, and it's a strange sensation for a man. Especially when you're running.” He mimes a mincing trot. “I am mighty Hornblower! Watch me run like a girl!”
- Ioan Gruffudd.

Ioan Gruffudd did an outstanding role as the charming Bosinney in the Forsyte Saga remake, which I watched, crying of course.

He also did a convincing manouver as the amazing Midshipman Hornblower, a book which I attempted to snore my way through - only because of him!
(wasn't worth it, never read it).

Other roles he's taken is of course the role as Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four (a title I personally found very suitable), and of course the charming Lancelot in the earliest King Arthur.

That's not bad for being Welsh. (No offense Josh).


mischief said...

huh? New skin and not even a little squeek. mini-Andy approves...

Sigrid said...

I swear I saw him skiing at Tryvann sometime during christmas '05. I almost fainted.

Tora said...

I would've fainted!

Sigrid said...

Forsytesagaen for alltid!!

Audun said...


oops, hairball day

Audun said...

And I thought we agreed those "no offense, but..." comments were self-contradictory and silly.

Stinky Longshanks said...

HAHA! The norwegian military has decided they did not require an asthmatic student in their ranks after all! oh joyous freedom!

- longshanks

Tora said...

oh my!


They are letting you go?!!!


Audun said...

grats! more study for j00!

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