got milk?

Marius with the cloak told me that I sounded a bit ill today, that my nose sounded like it was stuffed with rabbit babies and that my voice sounded rather thick.
Well, I thought, so I might be falling ill to this anyway. But i won't go down without a fight, you will not be seeing me with a runny nose and a throat coughing like a cows stomach. And even though I've been tortured on the most brutal of ways when removing (or attempting to remove) my snowboard boots when sitting in my dog's chair, by being repeatedly arm-pit raped by her tongue and sniffed up and down my back like any other greyhound, I will not be indignified this time. No sir.

So what about milk? What about milk? Got milk? Want milk?
Milk? Yes!

The average height of people from Holland (Netherlands if you wish) is said to be the top most in Europe, a dutch colleague of my stepad presented the idea of that being due to the high consumation rate of milk!
Milk contains attractive amounts of calcium, which together with a pinch of vitamin-D, can create miracles with your skeleton, it is also a refreshing feature if served chilled.
Hoping the banana-matrix alone would cure me of my soon-never-to-be illness was not being open-minded enough. So I figured I could list other things that I've eaten to keep myself healthy:
  • Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Pear
  • Vitamins
  • Melon
  • Mango
  • Oranges
  • and orange biscuits


Foss said...

Milk is bad if you think you're getting ill. It increases production of mucus.

Stick with the fruit!

Smylexx said...

I feel like i might be coming down with something too. A tingly sensation at the back of my throat... i've already removed the small weasel that lives there and it STILL tingles... i feel something bad's on its way :o(

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