At school

The most important thing to be aware of if sneaking around on the intarwebs in class (which I am not doing - of course not!) is the size of your teacher.

Might sound rather random and insignificant, but trust me - you must not underestimate the power of size.
It is not related to how hard the teacher will kick your arse, because in Norwegian school they generally don't do that. Actually they don't do that at all, at least not as long as I'm informed.

The danger lies in not noticing the location of the teacher, because suddenly you will discover that the teacher is RIGHT BEHIND YOU! *psycho shower-scene theme song playing*

Yes. Because when the teacher is the same height as a student it will be incredibly hard to tell the teacher out from the crowd.

But there is also other methods, like *the umbrella style*:
1. Wave a flashlight in the direction of the next pole
2. Insert two tablespoons of flaggpunsch and whisk lightly.
3. Play computergames.


Audun said...

Then again, you don't know too much about this, and you have nothing to worry about, because you never do stuff you're not supposed to do in class, do you?


I think the correct term is "As far as I'm informed", or as far as I know". "As long as I'm informed" indicates you will probably stop being informed about it at some point

I think.

Tora said...

I've been scowling at that sentence about all day, I think it means (the way I put it, though did not mean to put it) would indicate that as long as people keep me informed no little kiddies will get beaten up. I liked that, that was like saying I have some kind of power..

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