Total Recall

I just spent this afternoon watching Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, you may hope I am joking... Well, so am I.

But unfortunately - I'm not.

Actually there were a few awesome things in this film, the entire plot for one, which I am not going to spoil for you, because you will have to see it to believe it, and not to forget; suffer with it.

For being a film from 1990 the special effects are extremely convincing, and somebody has had a lot of fun with all that fake blood. Still this is just about a bit too much splatter and splurt, though quote-classics like killing someone with a drill while saying "Screw you", is limited to films like this - and therefore - also necessary. There is just no end to reverted memory, shattering glass, explosions and endless machine-gun ammo, but I forgot to mention the best part: It all takes place in the future,
on Mars,
with a monster-bellied mutant as the underdog. You have got to see this, really.

Forever molested, your Tora.
It was nominated for two Oscars, someone call someone with some good pills for me please?


Smylexx said...

I saw Total Recall TWICE at the cinema *blush*

I'll shush now.

Foss said...

Was it really made in 1990? Wow, now I feel old.

Other Paul Verhoeven films you must see, if you haven't already:

Starship Troopers
Basic Instinct

And possibly Hollow Man, if it's the Kevin Bacon invisible man film I'm thinking of.

Smylexx said...

Verhoeven is flippin' ace! He IS a freaky-deaky Dutch person but we'll let him off for that because his films are hornier than a bag of plastic dinosaurs.

Also most of his films have layers of subtext.

Starfish Troopers discusses facism and a totalitarian state. The "heroes" of the film are, in fact, the villains.

Robocod is in my top 20 films, like EVErererererer. It's a perfect satire on 80s corporate greed and exploitation.

No, i REALLY will shush now...

(by the way, the word verification letters were "sxxxcy"..even my pc knows i'm the worlds most delicious creature).

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