Chicken mushroom

Daily I spout random words, like the word "chicken", or other words like "mushroom".
Today I discovered that there is such a thing which is a combination of the two!

You guessed right - Chicken Mushroom!
I don't know why it is called Chicken Mushroom, it must be because it has a bit of an easter colour, it could be because it looks a bit like a hybrid between cauliflower and cabbage, and that has everything to do with chicken.


Foss said...

Chicken AND mushroom is also wonderful. Chicken and mushroom pie, for example. Or chicken and mushroom soup, or chicken and mushroom ice-cream.

Audun said...

rushmoom, eurgh.

Smylexx said...

Do they carry Avian Flu?

Anonymous said...

Actually, they are know as "chicken of the woods" because they taste just like chicken. They are quite common and can be found throughout the Eastern U.S.

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