Circulation of the blood

I have been told that I totally fail at putting clothes on. A person I consider a friend, or - something along the lines of friend even made a remark on it. It's not that I'm any better at taking them off (ha. ha.) it just seems I had to have been asleep when everyone else learnt how to put their clothes on in an intelligent way. I'm however convinced that I'm better at it than the average person with a retardation, but then they are probably a lot better at a lot of things I also suck at.

I don't know why I'm blogging about this. But I'm trying to write a NaNovel originally, and so I did a handstand to get some blood to my headbrain (seeing otherwise I'm just sitting on my behind, and it doesn't exactly encourage any circulation). And then I went back to the computer, and now I'm writing this. Ehm yeah, you can make whatever you want of that. Maybe I got a concussion.

On the other hand, too much blood might have given me a concussion.

(got it?)


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