Delicious cream

Cream is one of the chemical elements, positioned on the periodic table next to potassium, underneath sauce. And that is a FACT.

Margarine is the enemy, never forget that!

And it doesn't look like this outside at all. When is it going to snow again?


Ulrik said...

If we choose to listen to Einstein and thereby, under the predicament that lightspeed is constant in vacuum, believe that everything is relative; then yes, cream is indeed over sauce. Seeing as we're already on the subject relativity, we remind ourselves that also space is relative, which then answers your snowquestion: Right now. Quite thick, and horizontal. Stupid wind.

I think this turned out almost logically correct and rather fancy formulated. Then again, I am very tired.

darkkis said...

You should move up north... Like, up to the northpole or something. Maybe there's snow..

This is what it looked like @ Levi a week ago..

I wish I didn't have such a terrible hangover..

.. then again, that would've ment less drinking yesterday, which wouldn't have been fun at all.

Tink said...


I have a bump in my head.

Tora said...

Darkkis, you crazy person. Where you been for the past.. YEARS?!

zomg, and you're hungover, what an extreme surprise :D

darkkis said...

Past years? Mostly home I suppose :P And I'm not crazy! Just a little silly sometimes. Easy to find me from msn, haven't jumped in on the facebook bandwagon yet, trying to avoid it to the bitter end.

And yes, it's no surprise I was hangover. Being perfectly honest I was mostly drunk saturday (from friday's drinking, pro?) rather than hangover, the hangover hit harder yesterday... Not sleeping in between probably helped with that.

Tora said...

Sometimes it's nice to know that most things never change. I guess it is a force of habit, I mean - being Finnish, and you know, with a learning curve currently going backwards :D

XD <33

Audun said...

Finsk Sommarsoppa

Du behöver:
1 flaske vodka
1 dyp tallrik.

Häll vodka i tallriken.

Väl bekomme!

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