Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Today I made the delightful discovery of Does It Offend You, Yeah? It's like a fresh breath into my musicworld at the time! It's like Klaxons meeting a Daft Punk/Justice fusion mixed with Melody Club or something, yeah - with a whiff of Gorillaz I think it is? Sounds offensive? Sounds great! My favourites so far are Epic Last Song and Being Bad Feels Really Good. But I mean Attack of The 60ft Lesbian Octupus is obviously awesome, and what is so weird is that the title really goes excellent with the song!

In other news I'm desperately trying to write my NaNovel even though it's pointless because I don't really have the time to. But right now I'm fussing about it and it takes my mind of other things I'd rather not think about, so it's like therapy. The story is becoming quite interesting actually, or I think it is at least. 

The cast consists of a homocidal chick named Captain Lya Holotata, her chef Flatch, a kidnapped ex-slave/ex-soldier named Pent, a mystical messanger in shades named Vauce that smokes all the time, a man that shifts from being duck to being man, named Duckman. And then there is a mysterious spaceshipwreck and a lot of food and a piece of italian cake that needs to be delivered before the Happy Glow Festival. There is also a robot in the branch of public transport willing to cross universes to give back the proper amount of change.

It's stupid but it all makes sense, because it's NaNoWriMo and everybody's doing it and nobody really cares what anyone else is writing about because they all just want to talk about their own novel - like I'm doing now. And that makes sense too, because it takes my mind off things, but then it kind of stays there - in the novel, still. 16 094 words and counting. You may follow me here if you have nothing better to do. (Forgive the long post, it's NaNo-Syndrome).


Foss said...

Is it wrong to feel bad about introducing you to NaNoWriMo? Because, y'know, I do. It kinda feels like you're doing all this extra work, and if I hadn't told you about NaNoWriMo, you'd have more time to do other stuff like Uni coursework or go swimming or play tennis with alligators.

Audun said...

nanowrimo, it's a very tiny mobile phone you can only write texts on.

mischief said...

Tora/Foss you can now take responsibility for me wasting next November Nanowrimo-ing on my phone. Disaster.

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