Ha- π birthday!

Today is the birthday of π!

Why this is the birthday of π? Well I tell you why, biddlewiggle! The three first digits in π is 3,14 - which matches the date of today, March 14th, the third month and the fourteenth day -- 3.14. Ha-π birthday!


Hans Jørgen said...

3,141592 Those are the only decimals i have on top of my head.

No, i'm not wearing them.

Happy birthday beloved π.

Ulrik said...

Det er noe galt med dere.

Anonymous said...

Well here it's 15/3 which makes 5 according to my calculations.

Foss said...

"The current record for finding the value of pi stands at just under 2700 billion digits, set by Fabrice Bellard late last year."


Woop woop - you can even search the first 200 million digits for your phone number, bank details etc. http://www.angio.net/pi/piquery

Pi is sex-and-a-half!

siggen said...


Jeg hang meg også opp i pi-day!!!!


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