Floorboard Dining

Yeah, I wish I could explain this. But I just found it, and as far as I recall it was an idea I had for a videogame about apple jam.

I think we are getting just a slight bit obsessed with this bacteria thing. There's anti-bacterial soaps and wet-wipes and if we get the chance we'd carry antibacterial in aerosol cans and just give us a body splash whenever. And when the bacon-flu "struck as worst" we couldn't possibly have gotten more phobic. Every snort, every hiccup, every leaf falling - it was the sound of  a lung-splitting, pus-spraying showering sneeze evenly coating your presence in a wiggling film of deadly flu.

I can't say I didn't take precautions either. But I work in a shop and had a lot of contact with random people - and also their infected money - but didn't catch it. At least I don't think I did. and I haven't got a clue why, it really didn't make much sense. Hey, I even ate from the floor!

Some people think it is disgusting to pick up food you've dropped and eating it anyway. And sure, I wouldn't do it in most public places. Tee hee. But you must understand that it has merely become a part of my lifestyle because I have no choice. A human with my coordination, and with my love for food - what am I supposed to do?

Can you even imagine how skinny I would've been if I didn't eat whatever I dropped?! Maybe I wouldn't even exist!

Whhuueeeooaaa?! Oh, and I don't eat muesli off the floor usually.

And Cleo, you better move in with me, because I am eating much more off the floor now that you can't beat me to it.

Err. And what about you,? Do you eat things from the floor?


Anonymous said...

I eat things from the floor all the time, unless the dog gets to it first. I swear, the dog has a "food-dropped-on-floor"-radar. You drop a piece of meat and a second later it bursts into the room vigorously sniffing for loot.

Tora said...


And oh yes, I swear Cleo has developed a sonar that can pick up the sound of the cheese-cutter moving through air. Because I don't even have time to get the cheese out of the fridge before she is right there by my side.

And who are you, mysterious Anonymous?

Harrison said...

I think everyone does, I mean, according to my personal etiquette, as long as it's the same colour as when you dropped it and it's within a reasonable time frame it's fine! They (some students...) did a study and apparently it takes 30 seconds for bacteria to start to grow on wet foods, and 1 minute for dry anyways, so it would be a waste not to brush it off and chow down!

Foss said...

I stick to the three second rule.

Besides, it's good to eat something that's a little bit dirty every now and then. If you never experienced bacteria, you wouldn't have any defence against it.

Tora said...

Well, there you go!

Maybe I'm just surrounded by a lot of sissies.

Foss said...

And maybe you ought to teach them all a thing or two about how useful it is to have an AWESOME IMMUNE SYSTEM!

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