I think... about 15 tips!

This was a jewellery shop we encountered in Singapore. Brilliant name!

Here I have gathered a few tips for you, if you feel like you need it. And if you do, please tell me how it went.

You have nothing to do.
Tip 1: Turn OFF the television-box, there you go - that's a whole lot better now, isn't it?
Tip 2: Try painting yourself naked.
Tip 3: Go knock on the neighbours house and ask if you can borrow a cup of sugar. Go around to all your neighbours and see if you've wound up with enough sugar to last the rest of the year. Next: Flour!

If you've made some lefse, and worried that it will dry up before anyone finishes them?
Tip 1: Ask for my recipe - there's never any left!
Tip 2: Wrap the finished lefse in a moist kitchentowel and store in the fridge - keeps em fresh and soft for a few more days.

Sigrid is coming to visit and you're worried you have no music to play for her
Tip 1: Buy some discrete earmuffs, say they were a gift and wear them the whole evening
Tip 2: Put on something like this. (Success!)

All your brown sugar keeps drying out in its packaging - slowly becoming one huge block of inseperable sugary mass.
Tip: Store it in the fridge! Nigella taught me this, and it works wonderfully. My brown sugar is always lovely and loose in a non slutty way.

You have something to say to your roommate, but no paper - and you have to leave now!
Tip 1: Use a whiteboard marker, water soluble!! (I felt this was worthy of being a tip of its own).
Tip 2: Write your message on the fridge!

You are hosting a dinner-party on a short notice and have no dessert!
Tip 1: Freeze some grapes! A good 2-3 hours should do it, they're almost like sorbet after.
Tip 2: Serve candy! This might be the easiest dessert ever. Just run to the grocery store and heap up on the most colourful and weird sweets you can find. And then, as dessert is introduced - slab it all into a bowl and ask them to help themselves!

It is awfully quiet in your room.
Tip 1: Whistle a good tune, try "Last Christmas" or "Never Gonna Give You Up" and it will sort itself out in your head.
Tip 2: Go to RCRDLBL and download Take You (feat. Ninjasonik) (Tete-A-Tete Remix) ha, BOOM!
Tip 3. Or, possibly the best tip ever: Go to http://www.prettylightsmusic.com/ and download the lot. Ka-chang! It's all free and delicious, too!

You have a lovely steak, but no sauce!
... er... You have a real problem here.

This is a Singaporean garden gnome from the botanical gardens. I liked his teeth so much.

Sooo. Now give me your tips!


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