The End of Mr. Y

So yes, I have just finished "The End of Mr. Y" by Scarlett Thomas and I am just going to start by recommending it to all of you. At least all of you who feel like they are in for (and I quote): "... A thrilling adventure of love, sex, death and time-travel". Intrigued? Yes! So was I!

It's surely the best parallel universe since I don't know... Maybe Harry Potter? I couldn't put it away, even when it got scientific and philosophic. It's been glued to me for the past day and night. The humanity of this book is so intensely tangible, so frail, yet probably one of the strongest assets of this book, the characters. They are so brave, and so affected by emotion and compassion. Beside its tremendous theory - that will change your opinion on thought, and what thought is - this book is also absolutely packed with morale and love - all wrapped in a shell of her popping creativity. We get to discuss the youth of society, the effects of having a broken family, theories of language, faith and science - intertwined closely with the captivating narrative - a thrilling plot!

What a pleasure it has been, bobbing up and down in the refreshing waters of "The End of Mr. Y" and as I am happily still soaked in its cleverness - I hope this is not truly the end!


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