Shine a light on me

Helge bought me a bouquet of pink and green roses! They were beautiful! Sometimes he does things that really catch me off guard. He's wonderful.

I am listening to some new Keane right now. They mailed me their new single that they did with K'naan called "Stop For a Minute" on MySpace. My opinion on that later. I hope that didn't sound too cold and bitter.

But right now this moment I am listening to "My Shadow" which is delicious and lush and soft and strong in a weird way I can't explain, it's the sound of all sounds - like I have missed it without knowing and suddenly been blessed by it again! It is like being kissed!

I'm sorry if I'm sounding overly excited about this track. It is a little emo, and most of you will scoff it off as "the usual", you know. A concotion that could've been mixed up by White Birch or Snow Patrol or The Reindeer Section or some of the emoer of Husky Rescue. Something that could've been played on a retirement cruise by a one-man-band with a big, trimmed Roland. Well I got one thing to say to you, you heartless killjoys! You're wrong! It's all Keane! And Tom's voice brings shame on every one of you!

Screw you!
And instead, shine a light on me, shine a light and I will shine light on you, shine a light!

Oh, oh! And their new album (that was "Night Train" you who are not paying attention -- is released in May! More accurately on May 10th! Can't wait!)


Foss said...

The song they did with k-naan-bread? I don't like it, nosir, not one bit. Not yet. I might start to like it if I hear it more, but I wouldn't put it on any of my playlists.

Unless I made a "shit songs done by bands I like" playlist.

I need to hear the rest of the new album.

Tora said...


That's how I feel too. But I've got a hunch we might both like it in a while, you never know.

I've hated Keane songs before that I love now. So, there you go!

Foss said...

Yeah, you're right, we'll probably end up liking it. But right now, RIGHT NOW, sugarcakes, I feel doubtful about the whole thing. I'm worried that their new album will be cack.

Every band has to release some utter shit at some point - I've loved Metallica since I first heard them, but St Anger was a dreadful piece of shit. The Prodigy album after Fat Of The Land was terrible. But they both came back with awesome albums, and if this is going to be Keane's poo-pile of a CD, we're going to have to wait a while before they get good again.

Hope you're ok honey :) x

Foss said...

PS "And baby you are just beautiful -- from crown to your cuticles" is one of the worst lines I've ever heard :p x

Foss said...

OK, sorry to spaaaam your blawg, but I just listened to My Shadow. Now this one, this one I like very much. It's beautiful, if a song can be such a thing, which I think it can.

Beauty isn't just an eye thing zomg! Crazyperson!

Yes, it's quite emo, but I like a lot of emo stuff without being an emo.

So maybe this won't be a shit album after all. It will just have a shit song, or maybe a few shit songs.

We shall see, Tora. WE SHALL SEE! :D

Tora said...

haha! No, thank you for spamming! Nobody else does, and you're good at it, so I am flattered, really.

My Shadow is good, yes. But Clear Skies is <3.

I wonder how many songs will be good, I mean, I didn't agree with everything on Perfect Symmetry either, not at all. Like Playing Around, that was awful.

But I like this one

Something in me was dying

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