My holiday to Singapore

This is the short version, mind. But if you want the long one you just have to ask. I just figured two weeks mashed into one post would be a little exhausting for you to read.

Singapore was really really hot! I had a great time, and I hope my grandmother and my sister, Sigrid did, too! We ate a little (too much) excellent food and saw a lot of museums, went shopping, saw the botanical gardens, ate some more, did some tours and visited Sigrid's office. Mmh! And we had lots of prata, nom nom!  It was really warm in the peak hours of the day, and we walked and walked - through shops and museums. It was lovely. I don't think I know a place with so many shopping malls as Singapore. And because we were there during the last part of their Chinese new year celebration there were crazy decorations all over the place. Oh oh! And we had a manicure and pedicure done! That made me feel very feminine. I am not known for being that.

We also spent a weekend in Cambodia (Siem Reap), which was incredible. I am so in love with the place, the people were so friendly and happy all the time! A clear contrast to Singapore (they are mostly happy there, that's not what I meant) but skyscrapers and a sleek metro is replaced by shacks on sticks, and tuktuks.

We saw a lot of rice fields and lotuses in Cambodia, I mean, how many times do you see that in Europe? And the rainforest foliage of Singapore is incredibly exotic. So much green mashed in with all that modern architecture. The food in Siem Reap too, was excellent - so fresh and so much delicious fruit! The ruins of Angkor wat were absolutely unbelievable. We also saw a vast amount of other ruins, like Bayon, Banteay Srei and Ta Prohm. The latter being my favourite I think. And we have been very fortunate to go these amazing places. Despite the fact that we were sweating our own brains out - it was still a very humbling experience. This is the sun setting over the floating village in Cambodia.

If you want to hear more, I'd be happy to tell you! Those are my feet :( You should see them without the bandages!

Last but not least, as I had journeyed far and slept little, turned the corner and discovered that my block was on fire!

And this is one of those very unsettling feelings I think I'll have a hard time getting rid of. It is truly unbelievable  to return from holiday and be met with such a sight. I can't even leave you guys for two weeks without you causing a rumpus! Four fire engines, three people taken away in an ambulance, one man rescued out of the window, and across the street, Helge is trying to call me, in shoes with no socks. And what can I do? I laugh.

I mean, worst thing that can happen is that my house burns down and that I lose all my stuff, which would be a true pain in the ass - but what can I do about it? As long as all living things are safe, the rest is just... stuff! And sentimentally valued and irreplaceable stuff at that, I know. But I was standing across the street with two suitcases, freezing - watching the flames lick their way up outside the building.

We've been incredibly lucky, after being evacuated by the police we waited for a few hours as the flames ceased and the firefighters cleared the area. I was given a jumper by a kind neighbour who also took hand of my luggage for me - I gave her a bottle of wine as thanks! And then a firefighter told us we should go check out our apartments and return if they were destroyed. We just went straight up and found our place completely unscathed. That is where I am sitting now. So, yay! And this is what I see when I walk out my door. Close!


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