Good before-noon! (We can say that in Norway, it is different from morning)

Up by the church, last week. Oslo can be bliss in the summer
I dreamt I was out travelling and missed my flight - WITHOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE last night.

That must've been one of the most mature dreams I ever had, well, not considering the bit where Tink and I use martial arts to battle free of bad guys to continue our road trip through Istanbul in this tiny, shabby little white car. I mean, there is something quite adolescent about that.

Today I am making pasta with mussels, mm! And I am cleaning the windows and cleaning the bedroom too, because the closet is falling apart again... wait!

A woman is crying outside! Hmm, it's two junkies moving about, he's carrying a picture or something. They talk like they are in a Norwegian film, like really heavy East-Oslo accent in a sympathetic tone of voice, like. "Det er lov å gjørra det noen ganger", "Slutt å vær sjallu på meg a" (these are actual quotes from the pavement junkie drama outside). Seems like she just overreacted or something. They are walking away now with all their kit and that huge frame. Wonder what it was about. There are a lot of people like that in Oslo. We have the heaviest heroin crowd in Europe.

Where was I? Oh yes... Cleaning :(

Maybe I should do the dishes too. SOB WAIL. And clean the bookshelf. I better get started right away... after breakfast! And then... If I keep procrastinating, I will probably finish sometime tomorrow morning. Haha. Oh yes. Wish me luck! Have a wonderful day!


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