I'm alone!

I'm home alone this weekend, and so far I've only really been alone for like two hours, because I spent almost all day walking around Oslo and had ice cream with my friend!

So I wasn't given much opportunity to miss Helge, but bizarrely, I suddenly did! It is weird, because I suddenly missed him a lot more intensely, and I realized that it was because of the time of day. The exact time he comes home from work. Haha! That's really weird! Like my brain was suddenly expecting to see him!


I will on Sunday though!

Here are some pictures from the summer!

Pizza! Before the cheese!

I washed the windows!

We made cupcakes! I forgot to take a picture with frosting on them. And they weren't that amazing, so for most part they have been chucked away in the fridge, so I threw them out this morning. What a waste :<


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