Soup Soup a Tasty Soup Soup

I just made myself a most outrageous hearty soup. There was a shooting right around the corner last night. I didn't hear anything. But then I was... um, under influence. I've also had some tea, and I'm wearing a scarf. I don't think I should take any chances! This is not a good time to be sick! It's a meaty soup, even though it has no meat in it, but beef stock and beef fond. It's got some coriander, piri-piri, mushy peas, potato and carrots in it. And thyme and rosemary and some olive oil. Mmm!

Sometimes soup is exactly what you need! I should've had some bread with it. But there are extents to which not even a desperate person like me, would go. Seriously.

I did put some cheddar cheese in it. THAT hit the spot.

Alright, I will stop ranting about food, my apologies!

It's just that when the soul and flesh is in a weak spot, food is sometimes the only comfort.


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