Last chance!

Well July has an incredibly low posting count - and as the saying goes: Quantity slaps quality on the bum with a sticker album.

... or something like that, well here is a post!

WikiHow presents How to make a Fire-Breathing Dragon cake!

Then there's always

"Peculiar Black Bug Crawls Across Terrace"

"I know how to get rid of all the chavs in this town"
- "Is that right?"
"Yes, I will just run naked through downtown, and they'll all follow me out of here to beat me up".
- "That's not a bad idea, in fact it could work!"
"... You just want to see me naked".


Well if that's not up for random, I really don't know what is!


Smylexx said...

Pahh! You girls are all the same. You tell me 'it's not the size of your posts that count, smy...it's the quality' and then you totally change your minds later when you're talking to other girls.

Size size size!

You're obsessed.

Tora said...

Precioussssss sssssiiiiiize

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