It is with quite a clean conscience I allow myself to turn the heater on at dusk. While mother nature is having many issues (some which we have found best to ignore, while others we blow up and wear as hats), I'm having quite a few issues myself.

One of them is that my room in the attic is cold.
In fact, it is freezing. I will not allow it, I do not accept it, for thousands of years not just Norwegians -but everyone have snuggled under duvets and animal skins as night enrolls. I intend to do no different.
The overwhelming darkness and the icy winds will rather encourage me than make me strip and boogie to "Sonny" or any other song by Boney M.

When (meaning the very moment I wrote this) the chills and silence of night has approached me. My radiator is at the ready, and a certain viking will surely be wrapped safely into cotton pyjamas with muffins on it, duvets and be propped up on feather-stuffed pillows.

Because frankly...
Cold is being voted off the island - For good!


Audun said...

I think you should turn the heater all the way up.

Just don't tell anyone. Certainly not me. I always told on you:)


gratz, fuck-gnome

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