New Things

Have their own way of spreading delight.
Personally I prefer everything I get to be kept in their original wrappings, boxes and casings -only to preserve the prettiness and freshness of something which is entirely new.

It doesn't matter whether it is a new iPod or a new palette of make-up, the feeling and look of something new is constantly pleasant, don't you agree? The plastic film on cell-phone screens and the like I opt for keeping on for as long as possible, it doesn't bother me that it complicates using it and delays everything. You see it's all about that gleaming blankness and gloss which ought to be preserved for as long as physically reasonal, it is attractive. Which makes it all ridiculously worthwhile!

Think of all the enjoyable things which are new; being just dry from a shower in clean sheets, wearing soft new clothes, listening to new, unexplored music, reading a new book, and though new cars have an unpleasant smell - do not the seatbelts click into their locks in a satisfying fashion? - (Meaning that they are not sticky from crisps, sweat, ice-cream and popcorn?)

Some, like me and my plastic-wrapped belongings appreciate, worship and have completely succumbed to the sparkly world of new things-

If you might think this sounds silly, well consider the environment and the threats our lifestyle is offering. The way we use and throw away just to buy new again is a destructive and selfish way to lead lives, what will our children say when we have nothing to show them when they grow older? I have the honour of being able to show and pass on rarities like my first mp3-player, our old N64 and one of my first pair of shoes to anyone who would be blessed to come next! Some are not as privileged.

Not saying that everyone should save all their junk, but maybe if we treated our things better - we could have them for longer and then several people can enjoy them after we pass on.
Pff - like the sparkliness is not excuse enough!

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Smylexx said...

I often suffer from SOS - Shiny Object Syndrome in which i HAVE to buy something simply because it's new, black (or silver) and has shiny buttons that flash on it.

Be it an external hard-drive, a playstation 3 or a new mobile phone, if it's shiny, i want it.

perhaps i'll try adding a sheet of plastic over my older objects to see if i can retain that feeling of freshness from them...

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