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I have very recently swallowed the new Potter book whole, "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows" was devoured, enjoyed and digested within two days. Of course I will make no comment on the contents or tell any secrets, because the words are so precious to me I could never dream of ruining them for you.

Naturally I admit, at parts it felt like she had run dry, and all this blabber about emotions made me tired, the result was that I got even more sad when something bad happened though, I cried - and big fat tears too, sobbing uncontrollably for certain periods of the book.
Though all in all I think Rowling finished it quite smoothly, perhaps the ending - the last word was 'good' - came as not short of an anti-climax to me. Not unexpectedly she made sure to tie all ends so that you knew the adventures of Harry Potter now are over, and even though she have made this quite clear to the press, I felt a little sting of disappointment.

The only thing which in this minute is keeping my mangled spirits up is that there is a slight chance that she might write other books, if not about that particular world which she has created, but maybe about something else. I'm not denying to be pointlessly attracted to the magical universe of Potter, I'm just saying that her enchanting writing will still be enjoyable to me, no matter what package it arrives in. Well nearly no matter.

For your own sake I hope you have not stayed clear of the seven books about Harry Potter, the controversy and publicity is not always overblown, I assure you, you will enjoy this. And if you are, much like I am now, lost with the feeling of dullness and insignificance after reading any of the books, I have several methods to get you out of the "Potter Depression Syndrome". I have, however the need for some new methods, so if you know any - please keep me posted. Thank you.

Perhaps, in desperation I am going to read this whole piece about How to Stop Being a People Pleaser in WikiHow, I have always been such a shameless pushover.


Calu said...

Perhaps, in desperation I am going to read this whole piece about How to Stop Being a People Pleaser in WikiHow, I have always been such a shameless pushover.


i mean, i know how it is to be a push over *glances at the 3 weeks extention to hel.. ehh my work contract*

But, your so adoreable, and if this would mean even the slighetest hint in you not writing as many blog entries it would be a big big shame! You are, in all honesty, a great writer!

anyway, i must admid iv yet to pick up a hp book (this is not true, i read about 8 pages in the first one at a friends house) but, i would not be able to read the full series. i dont think it would catch me as much as say, a Michael Moore book dose.

Foss said...

I also have yet to read any Potter stuff. I gave up trying to read stories a long time ago, when my imagination started conjuring up images of the tale before I could absorb the words. Having my own mental images fight with what the author is attempting to tell me is counterproductive; I find myself having to read a paragraph over and over before my imagination will let itself succumb to the will of the writer.

It's such a shame that HARRY POTTER DIES AT THE END OF THE BOOK though, isn't it?


You can do things for yourself without becoming less of a people-pleaser. It's difficult, but possible.

Tora said...

hah! right

Foss said...

Your sarcastic tone displeases me.

How was your holiday anywayses?

Smylexx said...

Pretty sure you meant 'Harry Otter', right?

mischief said...

Why doesn't he turn his broomstick into a deathstar? That way he would never be defeated.

Does he get defeated? He should. He's only a kid. What sort of example are we setting if we make them think they can take on mass murderers with just a broomstick and a "magic wand"?

When kids start taking on mass murderers and getting killed I'm pointing the finger of blame squarely at JK Rowling.

Smylexx said...

Don't Death Stars have a habit of blowing up at the hands of teenagers?

What Harry really needs is a load of sharks with fricken' laser beams on their heads.

What Hermoine needs is not fit to be printed here.

*Smy rushes off to scrub himself with a Brillo Pad*

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