Today is my birthday!

Happy birthday to me, and to the crown-prince of Norway, Kronprins Haakon Magnus :D
I am 18 and the prince is 34! How excellent!

I am now allowed to get a drivers licence! I am allowed to purchase beer, and even some weaker wine! I can get in debt and I can get married, all these opportunities are just piling up like good firewood - and I have years to burn it all up! Splendid.

Baywatch! Someone is quite possibly drowning in the opposite direction of the sea! Torstein (Stinky) and Tora to the rescue!

This is me cooking in the holiday appartment in Italy, mmmmmmm!

Note that the published date is 20.07.2007, 20:07!! Now that doesn't happen often!


mischief said...

Hurray! Happy Birthday Tora!

Foss said...

Gah, stupid me, I thought your birthday was today! Well, happy birthday lemonpie! Hope it all turned out awesome :)

Smylexx said...

Happy Happy Birthday
Hope you made a wish
And if you cannot think of one,
Then I would like a fish!

Calu said...

Happy Birthday! (yeterday..!)

welcome to adulthood, enjoy :)

Btw, you waited for that exact moment didnt you? you sneaky you!

siggen said...
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Tora said...


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