Dogs on the dozen, dogs dogs

For some funky reason we are planning on getting a smaller dog as a softer transition for the day when we'll be parted with our all-time favourite dog, Cleo. (She is well by the way, but no dog lives forever, and it would be delightful to let her smear some of her contageous personality over to our next dog, as ideally - we just want a dog like her all our lives). The problem is that this family has a strong passion for big, silly-eared dogs. Not small dogs, just smiling and active, or at least patient and annoying - packed with personality. So when searching for the perfect small-dog addition to our family we obviously stumble across a lot of giants that can be heartbreakingly adorable. I gathered my personal favourites, as they just couldn't pass-on unnoticed.

Above is a Caucasian Ovcharka. A giant Russian breed. I want one!

Above here is a Komondor, they're from Australia. Brilliantly - they also function as makeshift floormops.

This here'd be a poodle. They're one of the smartest kinds of dog-breeds! Imagine that! They are never born Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - but that's the beauty of it, you can make them one!

So, what do you think?


Ulrik said...

I personally would choose the ninjapuddle, and then repaint it to The Joker. But why get a new dog at all when you can get a wolf, lion or raptor?

Foss said...

I'd get the Ovcharka because that motherfucker is HUUUUGE!

Anonymous said...

You forgot about Otto. Big, silly and without any training. Always looking for a way out..
Tante Bister

Kida said...

I'd get the russian one. And I'd call him Sibelius.

De tre agentan! Han tommy, ho siri og han sibelius!

Everyone knows that dogs named sibelius can carry your suitcase. Besides, you can use him as a spaceship. Obviously

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