Where you go pidgeon?!!1 Edited!

(This is kind of like a re-post, or, actually I just moved the post into the future - which is pretty amazing to say the least! But I had to do it, because half the post disappeared when I published it. It even happened twice... Wise as i have grown of blogger though - I saved a copy of the post in its entirety as a draft in my mailbox! So - sorry about the inconvenience, but here we try again!)

Did I mention I'm thuper-dooper exthited about tharting th-choool? (Wearing my critical face next to Skjalg and Iselin).

Elin's off to England, which means I can't really hang out with her for the duration of the next few months. This could mean I have to get a new friend, but I'm not quite sure if I know how to. Well anyway, I made a most excellent Shepherds Pie today, my aunt (tante Bister)'s recipe. Actually I have been extremely inspired by her self-made cookbook (only partially filled with recipes, so that I could fill in the rest myself!). A great present indeed! It's in my shelf, next to Made in Italy by Giorgio Locatelli, also known as The Bible™.

The neighbours must have been struck by some kind of Italian mutation, I've heard them honk their car horns twice this week, which is not normal Norwegian behaviour at all. Actually I am getting quite upset about it -- WHAT'S NEXT?!

I'm also getting a new laptop for when school starts! It will be such a delight to get to properly sort out my documents and music and pictures and all those other files which are currently just lying around in various formats these days. I might also download something by Lindstrøm, he's a Norwegian club dj that's been compared to Röyksopp - which I personally think sounds fairly impressive. His newest album release is "Where you go, I go too". Talk about stalker title! I heard the first few seconds are just heavy breathing through a phone. <_< aha. No, I'm joking. The first track is actually almost half an hour long. And that's the truth ladies and gentlemen and ... Skjalg.

I'm on a row today! (And google once again deleted half my post, it is getting rather irritating). If this is some kind of cencorship I suggest you find some different way to do it, how about the old fashioned way? Yeah? Like a guillotine or some anthrax or - how hard can it be? Really.

On Skjalg's screen I noticed that the Russian World of Warcraft servers were all named stuff like "??", "?", "??" and "?". I found it a bit hard to understand, a little cryptic to be fair, and most of them were either "locked" or "full". I'd like to try to log in to them and ask the Russians themselves how they felt about their incognito server-names, but when Skjalg tried to click on them he got a message saying "You are trying to play on a server with a different language". When clicking "Okay" - nothing happened. I suppose one is not allowed to play on a Russian server unless you have a Visa. But I've been to Russia though, I have an invitation for Topa in my old passport. (You see they all got it a bit wrong, they pronounce their p's as r's! Talk about wild around the elbows).

So that's it. Hasta Luego Mr. Fab! (Zero Punctuation bout Prince of Persia Retrospective was good, you should see it!)


Anonymous said...

Så koselig at du likte den! Jeg anbefaler selvfølgelig alle oppskriftene, men spes. "Gøy kjempegodt" kakene som Ask og jeg fant opp i sommer.
Håper ørepynten fra Sardinia falt i smak og da...
Tante Bister

Siggen said...

Tante; du kommenterer veldig raskt, synes jeg.. Har ikke du en skokk med unger som du må passe på at ikke faller ut av vinduer osv?!

(Jeg er veldig glad i kokeboken min, jeg også, altså. Gjeterpaien skal utvilsomt inn der også: den var dødelig - på en veldig god måte!)

Kida said...

pidgeon???!! where you gooooo..?


why is this so funny?

Anonymous said...

Nei, nei! Sitter på kontor og passer på at alle de andre passer på at ungene ikke faller ut av vinduet jeg. :)
Håper Tora deler oppskriften med deg da, ellers får du skrike ut, så skal jeg sende den til deg.
Off to Portugal snart?
Tante Bister

Audun said...

Ooo, seriøs språkforurensing der, trur du at du er 22 eller?


"Never stick your dick in a pudding.
It might still be good pudding, and you can spend all night explaining that but no one's gonna eat it because you stuck your DICK IN IT"

That was my favourite part.

Foss said...

I'm agreeing with curly-fries there. That was the funniest part of ZP. The least funny part was the end, because it ended. :(

Kida said...

piiiigeon? wheeeeere yooooou go?

I lol like a proper japanese take-away guy with a hat that says "noodle here pls buy"

better than mama!

endofhicks said...
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