Music baby, music!

Hello my furry friend! Now, how about you make sure you listen to all the songs that are listed below over the next couple of weeks?

That was a rhetorical question gingerbunny, because as you may know, this here blog ain't democratic. It's not as if you have any kind of choice in the matter. You better just do as I say right away.

Music for your delicate ears:

1. What Ever Happened - The Strokes
2. Pulling Our Weight - The Radio Department
3. All Cats are Grey - The Cure
4. Ceremony - New Order
5. Stay Where You Are - Ambulance Ltd
6. Make Up Your Own Mind - Razorlight
7. Mothers of the Night - Moby
8. Down to the Market - The Kooks
9. Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
10. An Ordinary Day - Bent
11. The Meeting Place - The Last Shadow Puppets
12. Lost! - Coldplay

Special thanks to Ulrik! http://files.filefront.com/Tora+Music+for+your+delsrar/;11378330;/fileinfo.html


Audun said...

If you really really wanted us to listen to them you'd put in some nifty piratebay links to each song to make it easier to download them.

Since you haven't, I will assume that this post is just a mock post to cover up for something.

Anonymous said...

Something like this?
(Damn server is down atm, gonna start seeding tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

keklol doublepost
Try to fix server for 2 hrs -> have a couple of drinks -> try to fix server for 2 more hrs -> get angry -> let anger physically harm server -> realize you destroyed server -> cry on floor -> give up -> upload file to filefront -> have a victorydrink -> sleep.



Audun said...


Did you actually have all those songs or did you download them for me?

Or am I getting screwfaced? The download isn't done yet.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you're getting screwfaced.
Not having most of this music already is a terrible crime which should and will be punished by "death by banana".
Tonight, your computer is going to mutate into a giant banana and then eat your brain.

Until then, enjoy the music


PS: sry for spamming your blog Tora, I'll go quietly and die in a corner now.

Audun said...

Any chance it could eat my brain without turning into a banana?
I won't miss my brain but I'd rather keep my dear beloved computer. I have a few bananas in my flat, can I use those instead?


PS I don't think she minds a new commenter, me and Foss are getting a bit shiny at the elbows.
Oh, and cheers for the music, you're so much more convenient than Tora. I bet you're even foldable for easy storage in the wardrobe.

Foss said...

//Ulrik, my good man, you're a fucking legend. Thanks very much, you are the true king of convenience! This is keeping me going while I'm at work :D :D


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you Foss but the true Kings of Convenience are actually Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe. Nevertheless, I will accept this flattering compliment and thereby withdraw my threat to destroy auduns computer (and brain). He now owe you.

In other news, I finally got Tora out of my house. Victory!


Foss said...

No, no, those guys are impostors. They don't have the know-how - it's like they're winning a battle, losing the war, and enjoying the build-up to a riot on an empty street. Maybe you misread - I'd rather dance with you than a toxic girl.

Stay out of trouble!

Sigrid said...

Foss, you are truly fantastic!

You actually put a real smile on my face!
- A welcome interruption of my slow death of boredom, here at this God-forsaken workplace

Audun said...

I approve of Fosseh's comment
A masterpiece flawless, not a single dent.
Sing his name and admire his life
I really wish I could be his wife.

You're poetry in motion baby, we should skype soon. Oh yes.
How are things with your boyfriend?

Foss said...

Aaah, thank you thank you, my beloved fans. I'll be signing autographs in the foyer, and boobies in the boudoir. See you there!

Tora said...

Boudoir? Man, this is getting way out of hand!

Audun said...

omgfrenchwords. This is getting difficult:(


Anonymous said...

I really wish i could get hold of a copy of Razorlight's Make Up Your Own Mind. IF anyone has it, PLEASE send it to thatfunnybloke@hotmail.com.
I promise i will love you forever.
Many thanks, Ben.

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