Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full

(Deluxe Edition)

I know none of you really bother to read the stuff I do about muzix. Probably mostly because I only listen to the type of stuff all you others never listen to. But in this case I'm afraid it will be difficult for me to refrain from reporting from my experiences from our very own Paul McCartney's newest album.

To begin with, I'm just going to say: Wise choice Paulie! Nice choice on selecting "Ever Present Past" as your release single from Memory Almost Full.

This might sound a little bitter, but I mean it. It was successfully managing to mislead the entire audience into believing that this album had this funky, upbeat, almost experimental electronic KICK to it. Because I bow to this song, it's most excellent.

It's just that after repeatedly twitching through this album - the only tunes that stick in a positive way are just "Mr. Bellamy", "Feet in the Clouds" - and "Ever Present Past" of course. I think he could have done better. Or, I don't think - I know! Even "Vintage Clothes" (such a funny theme, good melody to it) was kind of wasted by poor producing. Coming from one of the Beatles - it shouldn't have had this amateur sound to it. I'm an amateur though, not to pretend anything different! This record sold to Platinum in the US & A. It is just that - halfway through, he goes from the unconditionally playful style to something sounding a bit course and oldies. It also gets very "soulful", ghospel I'd say through "Gratitude" and "Nod Your Head". (Which by the way I believe are terrible tracks, sorry).

I don't mean to tread on any Paul McCartney fans out there (as believe it, or not - I like him too!) but this was to me a disappointment. Blame my expectations or my lack of knowledge on this one, but I wont go back on my words! He is certainly pushing his luck being his age (he's 66!), but let us all be a little conservative now - and he can just do "Hey Jude" until the sun comes up, because let's be honest. This wasn't good enough; no sir.


Audun said...

I take it he made an excellent decision when naming the album "Memory almost full" then, if he doesn't have room for any more good songs in his head:)

If all else fails he can do techno remixes and become the new Scooter

Audun said...

And why aren't there age restrictions on watching music videos from the 90's? Cerealsly, we're talking several layers of acid abuse here.

(acid abuse is different from acid use in the way that you do something that is shown in public while under the influence)

Kida said...

oh deary me..
I hate it when cds dissapoint.
Tora, fix it pls. Send him an angry email.

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