White Birch

During a most spontaneous raid through a record-shop the other night I came across a copy of The White Birch's "Come Up For Air", which I ended up buying on pure impulse. And it is such a fitting title because, it really leaves me breathless.

I'm not exactly known for having a heart made out of stone - as a matter of fact I cry very often over ridiculous things, like Disney films, Harry Potter books, the mentioning of a heaven for animals or a piece from Madama Butterfly. And the first track on "Come Up for Air" - "Seer Believer" by White Birch, it appears.

I am thrilled by this, because, it is just so low key and relaxing that I can handle listening to it just as much as I desire to. Whenever I find music I like I always make sure to keep it on repeat for as long as I can handle, and one of the great things about White Birch is that it lets me do exactly that! Obviously, it does remind one of Kings of Convenience (a comparison I think both those bands can handle without being anything but praised by it). It is though, a whole lot calmer - and it could obviously have been tweaked and polished into something less - may I say - generic? Even though White Birch is completely new to me, and I'm quite sure I have never heard of them before, their tunes do manage to seem oddly familiar. This might be because their tracks are quite similar to one another.

But I still love the atmosphere to it though! The album as an entirety is really well produced.

I think if I could recommend you an album right now to substitute the fact that Thomas Dybdahl is not releasing a new album this autumn, nor is Kings of Convenience - it would be White Birch's "Come Up for Air". I'm sure you will find it smooth and calm, almost ambient - with the mild and balanced blend of mellow male vocals and the gentle collaboration of guitar and percussion. Someone like you might be bored, surely. But you will listen to it again when it has grown on you.

It is like that. It's simple, lovely and Norwegian. Nothing else supplements autumn this well.


Audun said...

You have been pity-posted!

Now let's go shoot some french people while they're making surrender-shrimps.

Tora said...


YUMYUM shrimpies!

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