Just a lot of MESS

I don't often like other peoples systems. You know what I'm saying? It's like nobody can actually figure out and maintain a system that I'm comfortable using. People always get crazy ideas about how things should be sorted, and how then be strategically positioned to other things accordingly. I'm not saying that chronologically and alphabetically sorted items confuse me, because they are usually fine. It's more like "then the used envelope with glue on the backside is put in the blue container, and the envelopes with no glue is put in the dark blue - next to the envelopes that come without glue". And I'm like - what the flux is that supposed to mean? A horribly poor example, i suppose, but it's about as random and confusing as other people's systems sometimes can be. You know. Completely randomized and sporadic, with no kind of system in it at all to be fair.

Like the solar system. Where on earth did that come in? It is a system for our fellow planets and ourselves and how we are to be according to each other. Imagine if Jupiter got a crazy idea and started moving about. I am quite sure it would cause a high tide or something, though worse - the system will be broken. Naturally this has to be upsetting the natural orders of things, the system is set up so that we get the correct amount of northern light and meteor rain and other fair shares of whatnot. But let's say like generally speaking - someone are bound to get upset by the fact that the system is not how the system shall be. It gets to one. Some just can't handle seeing the system being altered.

People think that by catagolizing their belongings it will eventually take up less space around them, and feel like a smaller, more accessible mass. Well it might be true in some cases, though sorting things don't necessarily make them more conveniently positioned for future examination, certain things are just not meant to be put into a system. At least the way some perceive the structure of a system. You see. It is much more of a "sorted anarchy" than a "system" in many ways. People just misunderstand the need for a system to exist to sort different things apart AND being able to aid one in retrieving these items later on when one needs them, right? Things just get condemned into their designated purple spotted carton never to be seen again. So people forget its even there, and they swear they put it somewhere they could find it - they had even sorted them all alphabetically, but now what's the use of that? If it's all just corks stacked under the letter C, why on earth would one need to sort something which is technically the same - AND also has the exact same "use", if a use at all? If it's all just stuff, why don't one just whack it into a box with all the similar ones? Or - why even do that?

How about just stop "tidying up" and "sorting" our "belongings" - and instead face the fact that even though it's all tucked away in boxes it is not going to make us feel any less guilty for having so much stuff. :(


Audun said...

Like the solar system. Where on earth did that come in?

See, this is where you got off wrong. Although The Vatican might disagree with me, I don't know, most people agree that it is earth Earth that is in the solar system and not the other way around.

Have you been attempting to tidy your room again?

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