Long time, no Seal!

Yeah, so sorry about that. I have totally been neglecting this blog for the last couple of days, which is terrible of me - I'm sure. Not necessarily because my little submissions were to be missed, but because it is dangerous for me to lose my blogging rythm. It makes me lazy and takes ages to retrieve.

I was at my second Justice concert last wednesday, it was quite good. The audience were certainly prepared recepticals for any sound the French duo were willing to blast out of their speakers. Personally I think the peak of the concert was when they quite brutally mashed "You're No Good for Me" by the Prodigy in to their beats. That was fabulous. Also I wore a sure deathtrap that easily entangled itself into any passing creature, so dancing was much like "avoiding", which is common in Norway, because it is so full of Swedes. Either way, every feminine particle in my body can be proud of me wearing a dress - because I'm not too good at that. And my wonderful, sparkling shoes reduced my feet to a pulpy sludge of blood and flesh.

Saturday we went to see everybody again at Eivind's place, and I had alcohol for the first time in several months*. It is so nice to catch up with everyone, and Elin is back from England and Ulrik back for a bit from the Army and you know - it was really nice. Also there were new people to meet and I had a rather dramatic misunderstanding up on the roof-terrace. All in all I had too much Urge and too much alcohol and then I walked Elin home and I was in bed about 5 in the morning.

Needless to say I had the hangover of centuries (again, so unfair I always get them. I think someone out there is secretly sending their pain to me, so I get double the trouble). But honestly, there is a reason why I'm not a hard drinker (usually!) because I just fall asleep, or if I manage to stay awake (which takes endless amounts of caffeine) I am so fragile the next day I almost have to take a few days off.

Speaking of which I am being such a good girl and working out, the problem is that I work out on Mondays and then my muscles are horribly sore until the following Friday. Seeing I am a lazy bastard and couldn't even consider working out during the weekend - I start off at Monday again. Even though I am paying for working out the entire month, I only get to do it once a week. Hopefully it will change though, and I'll become Superstrongmonsterwoman and I'll kick your sorry ass back to 1991! Which is a mean place to end up - you'll have to wear tights!

The weather is quite mild, I'm really eagerly anticipating December and the snow, even though November is going to be a tough one. Scored well on my Java hand-in, but have another one on Friday which is smaller but a lot harder, and I'm not very keen on spending a lot of time on it because it just doesn't feel rewarding! But I'm working on that, I really want to like it, it is just hard to do so.

This has turned into the longest post ever, and also one of the most pointless posts ever. Make whatever you wish of it, I'm publising it now. Oh, and I think I'm brewing up a cold, I'm sneezing into my tea!

*meaning alcohol in the common, vast quantities that the Scandinavian drinking culture requires.


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