One, two, Tea!

I think I might be drinking too much tea. Mum wont let me buy anymore, so I have to drink up all the different varietes I have first. It is not THAT many though, but I thought I'd list them here to tell you which ones are the best. Also I smelled a tea the other day in a shop, and the tea was called Mexican Mango. Incredibly exotic, I know - and it smelled absolutely amazing too. In Norway there are pretty much two brands of tea, it's Lipton and Twinings. There are obviously loads more if you go in a special tea/coffee shop, but they cost shitloads. It doesn't cost to just go inside and smell all the different blends though. That's like one of my favourite things to do.

If you wonder what on earth this entire post is about, it's about tea. But I have caught a nasty case of NaNoWriMo again, so you will find my posts to be unecessary long and winding. Just look at my review of Keane's "Perfect Symmetry" - it is like a huuuge wall of deadly text. Yarp! But anyway, point is - Lipton and Twinings kind of dominate the grocery stores, and they keep inventing flavours that don't exist and put them in very nice packages. Like pyramid shaped teabags and stuff like that, it is pretty crazy. I fall for it though. I buy things for their wrapper all the time.

Lipton's White Tea
I think I have been scammed, it is just ordinary black tea with some white bits in it. It tastes nice however - I'm not complaining.

Lipton's Gold Tea
Now this is definitely a scam, it comes in a really sexy black and gold box that has absolutely nothing to do with tea. But I brought that on myself, because this is just black tea with yellow bits in it, I know - wow. Definitely just a bland blend of tea named Gold, and so I fall for it immediately. But it's good too, so hey! What do you know?

Lipton's Tropical Fruit Tea
Ever had like tropical fruit yoghurt, and then spilled it in your Earl Gray tea? Well this tastes exactly like that. But in a good way, at least I think it is in a good way.

Twining's Green Tea with Lemon
Tastes like lemon, smells like lemon, -then a bit like a rabbit's cage. Delicious though.

Twining's Green Tea with Jasmine
This is very sweet in flavour, and the fragrance is very heavy. Though I'd expect that's what to happen when you put the remnants of wilted flowers in a cup of boiling water. AND DRINK IT! Who invented this, I will never understand. But I am grateful.

Twining's Green Tea with Mint
Hah, this'd be my favourite, it is like you're brushing your teeth and swallowing something hot at the same time. Sounds gross - is excellent! You'd be surprised.

Twining's Earl Gray
What can I say? Nothing to say. Always liked Earl Gray. Lipton's Yellow Label on the other hand - is just not my cup of tea! (oh, see what I did there?)

SörgårdsTe (that's southerns farm tea, from Sweden)
It tastes like passion fruit, but it doesn't have anything to do with any farm in southern Sweden as far as I get it. And I don't think they grow any passionfruit there either. But then I am sceptical to Swedes y'know, I don't trust them, can't help it! I'm Norwegian. So forgive me, I like you, but I don't trust you.

(Heavenly good/Divine, also Swedish, in Norwegian it would be "Himla godt", at least you could say that, but in writing it looks weird). And this is very interesting, because on the bag it says it has a flavour of "Kvitten" (whatever that is), peach and cream. I know! Peaches and cream and "Kvitten" flavoured tea. Far out! Smells heavenly, as described. ... Hmmm - Maybe Kvitten is like a bird? Could be a bird. Sounds a bit like a bird. I think it is a bird. Like Bird, peaches and cream tea. Ooh. Yum.

Twining's Blackcurrant Tea
Wow, surprisingly this tastes like blackcurrant, and there is really nothing more to say about that. When I drink from my tea-bottle on my way to school it makes the entire bus smell like blackcurrant. I can sit and panorama the tired people's nostrils vibrate as the scents unfolds. it is most tasty.

Twining's Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin Tea
This is great! I can't have more than like a bottle a day though, because it tastes just like its description, so it's like drinking a pie. And it is like an illusion of feeling full afterwards. (note: illusion).

(Please listen to Keane's - You Haven't Told Me Anything. It makes me want to dance around and smile like an idiot). Also when I move out I want to have like a really tacky and ugly teapot like that, I'd just totally love that!


Foss said...

Motherfbunny, if you think green tea with mint is good, you sure try proper peppermint tea (if you haven't already - it wasn't on the list anyway). I fucking LOVE the stuff. It's way better than green tea with mint, by a factor of about 23.8, and it's almost perfect for dipping bourbon, ginger, nice and custard cream biscuits in. ALMOST. The only problem with peppermint tea is that it's translucent, so you can see the crumbly remnants of your favoured cookie snacks after a good dunking sesh.

On the plus side, peppermint tea makes your mouth feel minty-fresh, and your white porcelain mug shines brightly when you're finished. It's like drinking bleach, without the terrible taste and painful side effects. Believe me, I learned my lesson after the sixth time.

Audun said...

I like me tea like I like me women;
sweet, and rich.

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