Speaking of which

"If you do find a girlfriend who already loves video games... keep her. "
You will find this to be my point exactly!

I just randomly skimmed through that, it was a very comforting read to be honest. It is like the perfect proof of that guys also "ease" their girlfriends into doing as they want. The patience and smoothness executed by the authors of this article however - might be rare.

Also, I discovered that there is actually such a thing as http://www.missvideogame.com/
- Miss Video Game! Now there's a title! I don't think having a pageant is going to "incorporate girls and women into the gaming culture and industry", I think that is just emphasising that female gamers often are looked down upon. I tried googling "Mister Video Game", but all I found was Mister Slime for Nintendo DS.


Audun said...

It's because Foss was awarded the "Mister Video Game" title for all eternity several years ago. This is so well known that nobody has actually bothered to write it down anywhere.

If a gamer has a gamer girlfriend/boyfriend, they could be considered a "gamer couple".

Which leads me to the question, are there any games made for couples?
I suppose story-telling games like Zelda qualifies to some extent, but I'm sure it's possibly to design something like "A romantic adventure game for two"ish style of games.
It could be a mix of co-op and singleplayer, with the occasional contest, letting the player switch between the first two throughout the game at will.

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