NaNo Help!

Our friend Mikee took this picture at Ibiza, these poor brits had collapsed in the sun, probably a little drugged or drunk or hungover or something. At least they don't look too well. I've been laughing at this picture on facebook for ages, so I thought I'd share it with the outside world. Like, outside facebook. Whatever world that is.

Today the weather's been exceptionally grim, and there isn't much beauty left in the rotting leaves either. Well it's still nice colours and stuff, but now it is turning a lot more -- brown. If you know what I mean..

Well to the point, I'd be extremely grateful for any NaNoWriMo ideas. Because it'll start in November, but because of all the assignments we get after each lecture, and our massive group-exam - I really need to get a headstart I'm afraid. It sucks a little, but then I'd still be writing a NaNo, it is just that because of the circumstances I have to start up a little earlier.


Beregorn said...

You can write a tale about Bob the marvelous bear cub, his only goal is the reclaim the world from the harsh rule of teh evul pandas!

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