300 candy sushi & Jessica Rabbit

Today I found a very lovely guide on how to make candy sushi on WikiHow.

And I also got these pictographs from a WTFsrsly article I found through the Dragonmaw forums earlier today -

and this is Jessica Rabbit.

Please say hi.


Smylexx said...

coincedentally, "300" is the exact amount of times my friends and me asked one another "is this a gay movie then?" during the performance of it at the local cinema.

(still loved it though).

Tora said...

Are you referring to the tall and bellowing - eye-makeup-wearing, muscular, bald man with jewellery?

Yes, so am i.

Smylexx said...

That AND the muscular, airbrushed, generally pretty blokes hugging one another while wearing nothing but a small pair of fighting-underpants.

Wish i owned some fighting underpants.

Tora said...

yes, I know.

Everyone should have fighting underpants.
I have a pair which says "Smarty Pants" on them.

But that's not quite the same, and the airbrushed six-pack torso doesn't apply to that.


English Muffin said...

I have just seen the picture for wiki-hows link recipe for Kitty Litter Cake....bye, I'm off to spew my guts up!! LOL

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